The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #3

Real Life Captured Footage of James Lafond and Richard Barrett on a Podcast signed by Edgar Rice Burroughs (2021, Colorized)

Richard Barrett and James Lafond are back! After they got cut off last week, they picked it back up and reveal:

  • The Secret History of John Wayne and Rod Taylor…
  • How Michael Caine’s movie “Zulu” reveals the relationship between Indo-Europeans and Antaolian Farmers…
  • How Robert E. Howard’s “Kull the Conqueror” digs even deeper on this connection…
  • What HP Lovecraft knew about the Primordial Tribes of Europe…
  • The Connection between Biblical Cain, Grendel, and the Wild West Indian Wars…
  • How Wagner and “Apocalypses Now” reveal the truth about Neanderthal insurgencies in the Primordial World…
  • Secrets of Eagle Cult Women and Snake Cult Women…
  • And much, much more!

Learn history that you can learn nowhere else…with Richard Barrett and James Lafond at Pulp Fiction Renaissance!

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