The Strange Tale Of Our Illustrious Staff

Brother, hence loomed a time unweened, 

Heroless, between the Fall of the Sons of Aryas and the Rise of Titan.

Hither strode no free man to humble the teeming Queandoms of the slippered dearth beneath his booted feet…

Yet, within glass-paneled pens,

Among temples of science-haunted infamy,

Where didacts decreed before the gas-lit lens,

To affrighted masses kneeling in pill-inducted misery; 

Men yet dreamed of a time of deeds,

Of worlds stalked by foes and fiends,

When gods, not men, wrote the songs of night—

Of ages, gone and to come, whence men thrive by wit and might. 


Our tale begins with our Chief Editor, Writer, and Editor, Richard Barrett. Born in the heartland of the U.S. of A.,  his formative years were spent all around the country on both borders, from Sea to Shining Sea. 

Raised among Cops and G.I.s fresh from the battlefronts between the Tigris and the Euphrates, he told the true tale of the first big one in his groundbreaking research epic, The Forgotten History of WWI: From the Dark Ages to 1939 at the tender age of 18. 

The next year at 19, he broke the true tale of the most controversial conflict of the 21st Century in All Men Follow The Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War

But motivating it all came from a wellspring far deeper than mere facts, figures, or history. 

No, our very own Chief Editor was motivated by the flame possessed within a strange and dispossessed genre of literature…Pulp Fiction.


Richard Barrett first discovered the unknown genre in the Wall Street Journal one July morning in 2011 as the blazing Tucson sun came burning through his kitchen windows. 

It was there that he saw an image that fixated his eyes and transfixed his soul. 

It was an image borne in black and white of five towering, fighting figures…a Foreign Legionnaire, a combative Cossack, an 18th Century Buccaneer, a noble Norman Knight, and in the center of it all, an archetypal 1920s Imperial Soldier of Fortune. 

These figures were just samples of the heroes storming through Pulp Fiction…

Those 19th and 20th Century Western Warrior Epics of American and British strongmen throwing down in the far-flung corners of the exotic globe (and beyond!) against dictators and terrorists, megalomaniacs and monsters!

Richard Barrett was hooked, for he had found a new moral compass.

And it was pointing North. 

From then on out, every one of his adventures…from working with Middle Eastern refugees and seeking the stories and wisdom of the military heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan, to surviving the intellectual hellhole of Postmodern Academia, to fighting and weightlifting far later in life after most would have called it quits…

It was all driven by the ethos found in the yellow pages of the Pulp Fiction magazines:

Fight like hell. Save the princess. And do it with style. 

And for many years, he thought he was the only one…

Until he found another. 


Our tale now travels far back before the days of Richard Barrett, to a time and place on the Eastern Seaboard now so distant ‘tis to be reckoned in league with the Age of the Dinosaurs. 

It was in these days that our main Writer and Genre Curator James Lafond came into the world…a man between the people groups history calls “Baby Boomers” and “Generation X”…a man not just born between generations, but a man whose soul seemed possessed far out of time.

Young Jimmy was a scrawny kid…picked on, bullied, hard-scrabble…but with a dream. 

You see, he too was enamored by the Pulp Fiction genre too as a promise of something better, finding within its hallowed pages an ethos beyond mere mindless hedonism and corrupt consumption. 

And so, in the days of Free Love and Hippy-Dippy Acid-Tripping that were his formative years in the 1970s, Young Jimmy decided to walk another path…

The way of the Western Warrior. 

Fighting 18 year olds at age 13 was only the start of it.

Punching like hell in the boxing gym was the next step.

Taking a job as a grocer in the heart of the Baltimore Ghetto seemed the craziest of all–but was proven even crazier when he left a six figure job to make his home in the hood and follow his path the Pulp Fiction compass pointed him on….

To read. To write. To fight. 

And so, he spent his days traversing the criminal element’s hellscape, fighting like hell with knives and sticks and bare fists in the gym to hone his skills that for a lifetime would deter the would-be predators prowling to devour his soul.

And when he wasn’t there, he was in the Peabody Library…pouring over antiquated tomes to fill his soul with the knowledge needed to ultimately author over 200 books of history, combatives…

And Pulp Fiction. 

And so, James Lafond and Richard Barrett were fated to cross paths. 


Now you see, Richard Barrett couldn’t keep his passion for Pulp Fiction to himself. He had to tell everybody he knew. 

He figured that if it had helped him out so much, why couldn’t it do the same for others?

But the truth was, the world just wasn’t ready. No matter how hard he tried to sell it, he just couldn’t find a kindred soul who really believed that these silly, over-the-top fantasy stories really were the keys to understanding the Spirit of the Western Warrior…the keys to not just survive in this life, but to thrive in this life. 

That was until he ran across James Lafond.

Through the power of those handheld magical black screens that have brought so much devilry and deceit into the minds of man, Richard Barrett discovered the writings of this homeless fighting hermit.

First he read his tales of surviving the Urban Frontier.

Then he read his reminiscence of past mistakes and what he learned about how to be a man. How to fight, how to write, how to read.

And then he read about his passion for Pulp Fiction. 

Immediately Richard Barrett knew that he had finally found somebody who took those silly stories as seriously as he did…somebody with the same strange Moral Compass, still pointing True North. 

After contacting the man himself, Richard and James knew that they were indeed kindred souls, and created Pulp Fiction Renaissance: An Edifice of Cultural History, and Oasis of Artistic Renewal. 

This then is their mission, preserved in full in their own words below:

Welcome to our forum for Western Warrior Culture Fiction for Men.

Our motto is that the best forum for Truth in Word is the story, not the argument.  

We are good man and bad man, old man and young, with a common passion for the hero tale, whether wild, witty, straight or strange.  

Pulp Renaissance is not about the passive color of a pill, but of the active character of the will.

Founded with our word as bond:

01-22-2021, A.D.

-Richard Barrett

Chief Editor, Publisher, Writer

-James LaFond

Writer, Genre Curator  

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